Phonxong Village Basket

Phonxong village has long been renowned in Laos as the premier weaving village producing prized baskets for rice, fish, decoration and everyday uses. The village is surrounded by a rich forest of bamboo and the local people follow age old practices for keeping the forest healthy and alive as a renewable resource. Villagers are only allowed to cut bamboo once a week and only those stalks that are 2 years old. They peel the outer skin of the bamboo for these baskets and once woven, smoke them to give the bamboo that rich brown color. You also receive the scent of South East Asia with these smoked baskets at no extra charge. The smoking is done with coconut husks, a scent that floats in the breeze every evening from kitchen grills throughout the region.
Size: 4" diameter x 2" tall

No charge for shipping if ordered with jewelry.


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